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Online Lessons & Consultations

Are you out of town and would still like to get instruction or a consultation from Coach Todd – The Catching Guy?  The process is simple…

All you need to do is the following:

  1. Use drop down menu to the right to select and pay for the evaluation/consultation package you’d like to purchase,
  2. Download the Coach’s Eye App (needed for skill evaluations only),
  3. Send me an email at stating that you would like to receive an evaluation/consultation.

For all skill evaluations, I’ll then send you a link to a “locker” inside my Coach’s Eye “locker room” where you can upload your :30 second – 1:00 minute video. I will evaluate your players swing when hitting, throwing mechanics, fielding and/or all catcher skills.

It usually takes 3-5 days (sometimes shorter and sometimes a little longer) to receive your evaluation/analysis or consultation answers.

The SINGLE EVALUATION will include extensive feedback on the skill video you provide with descriptions of what I see that is being done correctly or incorrectly and what should be done to correct the faults I am seeing.  This can also be a single consultation answering questions regarding arm care, skill development, mental game topics and more.

Other package options include one or two follow-up evaluations/consultations. After you receive your initial evaluation/consultation and the corrections I recommend (or answers I give), we allow you to send us up to two more follow up videos (or consultation questions) showing us the adjustments that have been made and I will explain, in detail, any additional fixes that I feel are needed.

After the initial video is reviewed, each additional evaluation (should you decide to purchase the double or triple package) must be done within a 3 month period. Any videos submitted after the 3 month time period will not be evaluated and any fees paid will be forfeited. Thank you for your understanding.

Example timeline:

  1. Initial evaluation (you can expect your initial evaluation to be completed within 3 days of uploading your video into your Coach’s Eye locker.
  2. 2 weeks after initial evaluation, a second video is submitted,
  3. 2 weeks after the second submission is reviewed, the 3rd video is submitted and your skills receive our final evaluation.

Of course, you can always purchase additional packages to have me continue to evaluate your skills or answer your consultation questions. Thanks!