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Hey Catcher!

You are playing the toughest position on the field!

You are expected to have…

  • The arm of a right fielder;
  • The athleticism of a short stop;
  • The durability of a pitcher;
  • The toughness of an NFL linebacker;
  • The quickness of an NBA point guard;
  • And top of all that, the brain of a scientist.

If you are like 90% of catchers out there, you are always trying to figure out how to DROP YOUR POP time.

Maybe you need some help with your arm strength? Maybe you can’t get comfortable with the baseball hitting you when you block? Are you trying to understand how to receive the ball correctly and get the most strikes called? Or field a bunt? Or perform a tag play?

Grab a parent and have them help you take the quiz below so I can learn a little bit about you and what you need help with! Please answer as honestly and accurately as possible.


Todd Coburn

Founder & President The Catching Guy