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Small Group Instruction (Mini Clinics)


Coach Todd’s Small Group Workouts (We call them mini clinics) are 60 minutes long and include extensive training on the skill designated on the schedule.  Each participant will rotate through several fundamental skill and strength training stations throughout the hour. NOTE: Please do everything you can to arrive 10 minutes early to perform a short active dynamic warm-up to prepare for the workout.

Cost = $50 per player, per session (Minimum & Maximum of 3 players).  

PLEASE NOTE:  There MUST be 3 players in your training group.  If there are not 3 players in your group, you will be asked to move to another training time or day.  This may mean having to wait until the following week to receive your training session.

As we explained before, lessons with Coach Todd are not only an investment into your players future success in the game, but also an investment into the future success in their lives.  What we mean by that is a major focus of Coach Todd’s instruction is confidence building.  His goal is to not only grow their confidence levels to new heights on the field, but also in school and in life.

Please email Coach Todd for scheduling at

Also, prior to scheduling, please review our Lesson Policies by clicking HERE.